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12 octobre 2013 6 12 /10 /octobre /2013 10:23

Appearing in the Video are Rising Appalachia Crew - Leah Song and Chloe

Smith (Vocals), Biko (djembe), Imotep (kick and hi-hat), David Brown

(upright bass) 

 Jason Takahashi & Lotus. 

filmed and edit by Chad Hess




"Rising Appalachia's "Closer to the Edge" is a creative sculpted song-line

that speaks to the universal need and desire to stand up, step in, and jump

off...digging deep into the corner cracks of our social fabrics.

It is a creative interpretation of modern times and their imminent impact

and decay. We have a deep longing to join forces to create, and co-shape

this upward movement towards solidarity.

It is one part apocalyptic and two parts unity...looking at global warming,

the abuse of media, the inability to WORK on the problems at hand,

and America's fractured ability to RISE up as a unified and diverse


What are our edges, and how close are we to that tipping point?" ...

"were getting closer to the edge, were stepping up, were jumping off...

dont know where were going...

were getting closer to the end...

push em up, push em up them sleeves...and JUMP on in..." 


RISE up folks. "





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